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From the music at the ceremony to the dining and dancing songs, they keep the guest entertained and the dance floor packed. 
— Sherry, mother of the bride

about absolute entertainment

With 30 years combined experience in musical entertainment and 10 years exclusive in weddings, Absolute Entertainment knows how to make your special day run smooth and problem free.  Dave and Stephanie go out of their way to tend to the most minute details and will often be found doing things like filling the drinks of the bridal party and helping grandma through the buffet line.

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dj & mc service INCLUDES

  • all sound equipment needed to fill your space with quality sound
  • lighting
  • free baby holding
  • personalized song selections
Everyone had a great time and the dance floor was full all night.
— elaine

When you choose Absolute Entertainment the attention that you receive will be second to none. From the signing of the contract to the final song of the evening your every interest is our priority.  We meet face to face with every couple to review every detail of your once-in-a-lifetime event.  This ensures that you and your guests will be relaxed to enjoy and to take in every moment the night has to offer.


Our equipment is top of line and meticulously maintained.  We carry back ups to our back ups to insure that if a technical problem where to arise that it could be dealt with in a matter of moments.


To this day everyone still talks about how great our wedding was and it could not have been possible without this amazing service.
— veronica

Musical selections are always and absolutely  tailored to your specific taste and preference.  We do not feel that your memorable moment should ever be treated as a grandstand for a performance.  Our job is to make the evening truly unique to you.


event coordination INCLUDES

  • all day service
  • personalized planning
  • event manager